Deadpool 2 Brings Diversity To The Bring Screen

Deadpool 2 comes out May 18th, and it’s as funny and raunchy as expected. However, this go around, the movie’s cast is even more diverse than before. Not only are their biracial characters, but even some of Māori descent. There’s even is an LGBTQ+ couple joining the mix.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Brianna Hildebrand, will have a girlfriend in this sequel, Yukio. Though the couple’s sexuality has nothing to do with the plot of the film, it is interesting to note. Yukio’s character plays on the stereotype as the “cute Asian girl” who giggles every time she sees Deadpool. She doesn’t say too much throughout the film.

The relationship between Yukio and Negasonic is an example of how the movie franchise continues to diversify their cast. Watching Deadpool and Colossus sort of flirt through the movie, though a joke, comes across as progressive. It’s hard to picture Disney allowing characters such as Captain America and Bucky to fall in love.

Deadpool 2 Continues To Show Its Diversity By Adding An LBGTQ+ Couple The Franchise

According to the president and CEO of GLAAD, Sarah Kate Ellis, says that 20th Century Fox and Marvel are giving moviegoers around the what they’ve been waiting for. That is, an LGBTQ superhero couple who go out and kick butt together. She goes on to say that Negasonic and Yukio’s relationship and the story brings light to the LGBTQ in a way never before seen in a Marvel comic movie. She hopes that their message comes across to other movie studios in hopes they become more inclusive as well.

Also, it’s nice that Deadpool 2 is embracing NTW and Yukio’s relationship, and not having it as the subject of the movie. It’s also great to see that they utilize a diverse cast without drawing unwarranted attention to any of them.