Woman Files Sexual Assault Suit Against R. Kelly

On Monday, a woman filed a sexual assault lawsuit against singer R.Kelly. In the suit, she claims that there were times that he would lock her in rooms. He would do so because allegedly, she would fail at pleasing him. Also, she claims that he gave her herpes.

The woman in question, Faith Rodgers, says in the suit that she and Kelly were in a relationship for almost a year. Within that time span, she claims that Kelly was mental, sexually, and verbally abusing her. The suit goes on to say that against her will, Kelly was making her submit to different and compromising sexual acts while recording her.

The suit goes on to say that R.Kelly locked Rogers in not only rooms but vehicles and studios as well. He would do so for extended period’s of time as a means to punish Rodgers for not being able to please him. The New York Supreme Court was able to file the lawsuit, as there were also claims, of sexual battery, and false imprisonment.

Woman Files Sexual Assualt Claim Against R&B Singer, R. Kelly

The two began dealing with each other after first meeting in San Antonio after a concert. The two went on to exchange numbers. It was long before Kelly flew her out to New York. According to Rogers, during their first fling, she notes that was not ready to have sex and told Kelly. However, he chose to engage with her anyways, and the two had what says was non-permissive, painfully abusive sex.

It was later on that she would learn that the singer was a carrier of the herpes virus. She claims that he gave it to her as well.

On Tuesday, Rogers is to appear on CBS This Morning to speak on the allegations.

Currently, Spotify has decided to take R.Kelly off of their playlists.