Star Spangled Banner Sung By Crowd

There’s a video circling social media of a crowd at a softball game singing the “Star Spangled Banner” after an announcer said that it wasn’t going to be sung. People are calling the video taken in Fresno California an “act of patriotism.”

According to CBS News, there were hundreds of people at the game. They were watching Clovis High against Buchanan at Margie Wright Diamond at Fresno State University. The crowd was in disbelief after finding out that the coordinators weren’t going to play the song.  So instead, the group began to sing the song themselves.

One fan, Tiffany Marquez, was able to take video of the singing as it was going on.

Marquez told reporters at the time that she could not believe they weren’t going to play the anthem. She said that no long after the announcement, you could hear folks in the crowd one by one singing. Soon after, everyone was singing, and she says that it was a sign of unity and patriotism.

Crowd Begins To Sing Star Spangled Banner At Softball Game

Bob Kayajania, the event coordinator, says that it was his decision not to play the anthem during the game.

Event coordinator Bob Kayajania took responsibility for the decision to not have the anthem played at the game. According to Kayajania, it is national protocol to perform the national song for the first game of the season. Any game after that just begins. However, they slipped up. He goes on to say that different was playing at the time and people mistook it as the national anthem and singing. From now on, Kayajania says that the song will be performed before every game.

Clovis High went on to beat Buchanan 6-3, winning the Central Section Division I Championship Title.

This isn’t the only incident of our Nations’ song being in headlines. After announcing a new policy, the NFL has made it mandatory for all players on the field to stand during the song. If they fail to do so, the entire time will face fines.