New Benefit Coming Walmart Employees

Let’s just start by saying, “I’m quitting my day job and working for Wal-Mart!”
Wal-Mart, America’s largest private employer, has announced that they are implementing a new benefit for their employees who have worked for them for at least 90 days. College will only cost the employee a “$1 a day”! They are teaming up with Guild Education of Denver CO, to help employees get college degrees. The new benefit includes both full and part-time employees.

I can remember back in the 90’s when I was paying for my own community college, and it cost me over $200 a semester per class, and I was struggling! The new program would translate for the Wal-Mart employee to about $75 per semester, and they can have as many courses as they can handle at the $1 per day rate. There’s just one hitch; you have to take classes towards business or supply chain management. Wal-Mart states this is just a starting point and the retailer hopes to expand the college courses to different degrees in the future.

New Benefit Program At Walmart To Begin Soon

Wal-Mart is expecting over 60,000 of its more than 1.3 million employees will take advantage of this opportunity. It’s a win, win situation for all involved. This will help alleviate the stress for the employee wanting to go to college, but worrying about paying for student loans.

The program will also help Wal-Mart management get long-term employees who wish to advance with the company. The new program offered is through an online college. Employees have the choice of these 3 Universities: Brandman, Bellevue, and the University of Florida. However, this isn’t the first time Wal-Mart has worked with Guild Education. They partnered up with the company to help employees, and their families earn their GED or high school diploma.

According to Guild Education CEO Rachel Carlson, Wal-Mart’s program is in a class of its own. It is the first low-cost college program they have created for a company. Also, some of the other companies Guild has worked with include: Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Lowe’s.

Along with the low-cost college program, Wal-Mart just announced that they are going to change the starting wage from $9 to $11 per hour. Some employees are even getting a $1000 bonus! Their dress code is also getting an upgrade. It’s in the works with 100 stores testing it out, blue jeans!!!!! The typical Wal-Mart outfit used to consist of a solid Blue shirt and Khakis. New dress attire, money for college, a raise? Why would anyone go anywhere else for employment?