Pride Month Kicking Off In Brazil

June is Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ Community. During the month, a variety of Pride events will be held not only across this nation but across the world as well.

June 3rd saw Brazil’s largest city celebrate its 22nd annual gay pride parade. With Hundreds of thousands of people gathered, it’s considered one of the world’s biggest Pride festivals.

Those participating in the event waved rainbow LGBT flags in an atmosphere, not unlike a Carnival. The parade made its way down Sao Paulo’s Avenida Paulista. 18 sound trucks blasted festive music down the skyscraper-lined street.

Pride-goers of all ages wore bright wigs, heavy makeup, and even festive costumes. The festivities covered over ten city blocks.

This Year, Pride in Brazil is More Important than Ever with Elections in the Coming Months

This year, the parade focused on the country’s national elections set for this October. According to Claudia Regina, the gay rights group president of the event said their theme was Power for the LGBT – Our Vote, Our Voice.

On the official Facebook page of the event, Regina posted the primary objective of the festivities last Sunday. According to the Facebook page, the theme of this year’s Pride is to show the gay community how important it is to choose their candidates carefully.

Regina says that while they have achieved many rights, there are still many more that need addressing. It’s essential that they don’t lose what they have fought for to political ignorance. The goal as a whole is to create a more tolerant and respectful world without any homophobia or transphobia.

During the festivities, one of the drag queens known as Tchaka yelled from the top of a sound truck that this year, they should punch Congress in the face. The crowd’s response was to call for the ouster of Michel Temer, Brazil’s unpopular president.

One participant, Camilla Wotton, found the march especially crucial due to its focus on the elections.

Wotton said Brazil lacks a political LGBT voice. Therefore, this year is one of the most critical years to have a civic and proud Pride.

Vinicius Guimaraes, another marcher says the event calls for respect for the LGBTQ+ community, not just a political statement. He says the primary goal is to have respect for everyone. The march isn’t just for gays; it’s for everyone.