Shriners Hospitals Helping Children Of Guatemala

The U.S. is taking in children who were severely burned during Fuego, the volcanic eruption that occurred in Guatemala on June 3rd. On Tuesday, Florida’s Shriners Hospitals for Children said that they would take in as many children as they can. According to the charity hospital, the children were on their way to one of their sister hospitals in Galveston, Texas.

The volcano was spewing hot lava all over regions of Central America, hitting Guatemala the worst. The volcano has been erupting since Sunday, with ashing flying high above countries in the area.

According to officials, the volcano has been the result of death for at least 74 people. Even more, are missing. However, the public health ministry in Guatemala, expects the death toll to rise over the next couple of days.

Shriners Hospitals For Children Helping Those In Guatemala Volcano

Reports from Guatemala’s National Coordination for Disaster Reduction conclude that around 3,265 people were able to evacuate the area

Shriners Hospitals for Children were fast acting.  They continue to deploy emergency medical teams from their Galveston location to provide care for those wounded from Guatemala. Their crews are working with officials from the U.S. and Guatemala to transfer the children who need critical treatment to their hospitals.

Boston Shriners Hospitals is currently waiting for the call to travel to Guatemala to provide any extra help they can as well.

The executive vice president of Shriners Hospitals for Children, John McCabe, had a statement about the situations. He says that those at Shriners Hospitals are all prepared beforehand to handle tragedies such as these from the volcanic eruption. McCabe goes on to say that have a commitment to helping children in need, no matter where they are. Everyone working at Shriner Hospitals has a deep love for rescuing and helping children around the world in need. They will continue to work with officials in Guatemala to ensure the safety of the children.