Katie Ledecky Set to Swim Until 2024

This past week, Forbes published their list of top 100 best-paid athletes worldwide with no women included. Friday morning, however, the swimwear company TYR announced its newest partnership with five-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky.

The deal’s financial terms were not announced, however, the length could be even more important than the monetary value. The contract not only runs through the Tokyo Summer Olympics, it also includes the Paris Summer Games in 2024.

Therefore, so long as there is no injury or other unforeseen circumstances, the public will be seeing a lot more of the recently turned 21-year-old Olympic champ.

During an interview with USA TODAY, Ledecky says she sees herself swimming for many more years. She enjoys the sport a lot and can’t imagine ending it very soon. However, Ledecky did say she’ll take everything in stride and is appreciative of TYR’s investment in her and their support.

Katie Ledecky Helps to Create a Major Crack in the Glass Ceiling for Women in Sports

Back in March, Ledecky turned professional after leading Stanford University to two NCAA titles in a row. Ledecky has embraced her role as one of the most visible and decorated female athletes in the world.

Back in 2016, Ledecky had the honor of throwing the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game while Bryce Harper held onto her gold medal. Photos and videos of that perfect throw have circulated through the internet, truly showing the acceptance and devotion to Title IX, the law passed in 1972 opening the playing fields to women nationwide.

It is most likely she will be the highest profile American going to the 2020 Tokyo Games. Should Olympic gymnast Simone Biles make a comeback, the women should be side by side in their visit to Tokyo.

While all the hype linked with such a prestigious standing might be overwhelming for some young athletes, Ledecky looks eager to embrace all it entails. She’s also one of the rare women in sports that actually makes more than male athletes in the same competition.

Ledecky commented on her contract with TYR, recognizing its essential and historical statement. She applauds TYR for seeing that excellence has no gender and stays motivated to keep up that sentiment. She hopes her success can be inspirational to all, especially women to embrace their value and to dream big.