IHOb? IHOP Temporarily Changes Name

Most know of IHOP for having fluffy and delicious pancakes. However, on Monday the restaurant chain chose to go in a different direction. Instead of being “the International House of Pancakes,” they are now calling themselves IHOb or “the International House of Burgers.” The reason for the new marketing strategy is to get people into their restaurants for dinner and lunch too.

Though most people were confused about the change, a lot of people feel as though the companies new market strategy is a waste of time.

On news outlets, people are saying that they will still go to IHOP for their pancakes. There has always been the option for ordering burgers, however, most flock to the restaurant for their breakfast options.

One customer, Isaiah Stewart, a student at North Carolina A&T University told reporters that the company isn’t taking anything away from their menu. He says that their customers can still order pancakes or whatever they want on the menu. He doesn’t see why there is an issue.

IHOP Causes Confusion With New IHOb Signs

Though he seems optimistic about the temporary change, others aren’t happy with it. People are flocking to social media sites with qualms over the change in name.

Another student from Clark Atlanta, Janae Adams, says that the change was stupid. She told reporters that she doesn’t understand why the franchise would want to put their focus on burgers instead of their famous pancakes. She thinks that the change will hurt business for the franchise. Janae also says that many people go to IHOP on Sundays with their families for breakfast. With the new change, she doesn’t think it will happen as much as before.

However, the company remains optimistic about the change, and believe that people will still want their pancakes. They are just trying to advertise that they sell more than breakfast items on their menu.