Cities Hosting 2018 World Cup Killing Strays

As fans continue to look forward to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russian cities are getting their towns ready in a way that animal rights activists are calling “inhumane.” Some cities are killing off the stray dogs in the area.

This isn’t a new incident. While Sochi was hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics, many of the stray dogs in the area were shot with poison darts. Athletes participating in the Olympics chose to adopt some of the animals.

Unfortunately, some Russian cities that are hosting the cup, at least 11 of them, are killing off their strays before Russia and Saudi Arabia go toe to toe on June 14, to commence the event.

Though spokespeople from certain cities are saying that the claims are untrue, activist aren’t believing them. According to activists in the areas, most strays are dying from contamination from darts. Once dead, people come gather up the animals. Some animals are at the shelters just to die.

Cities In Russia Participating In 2018 World Cup Opting To Kill Stray Dogs

Humane Society International and PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are advocating for the strays. They are hoping that these cities can come up with more humane ways to handle the stray animals. They are hoping that officials in the towns opt to neuter or spay the animals. At least, before releasing them back on the streets. However, finding the animals permanent homes would be the best choice. All in all, the country is pretty lax when it comes to adopting out animals. Most of the dogs in Russian shelters never come out alive

According to Jana Hoger, who works with PETA Germany, the organization has been sending letters to countries hosting the World Cup, asking for change. However, other organizers are asking Russian authorities to begin an initiative for mass-vaccinations of these animals.