Foods Labeled Health That Extend Waistline

Every year food companies come out with the latest and the greatest new “Healthy” food for you to buy. Just because foods may have the title “healthy” doesn’t mean it isn’t fattening. Beware of beautiful pictures and special wording on the packages. Here is a guideline of popular “Healthy” items at first glance that look healthy, but are not.

Veggie Chips-First word “Veggies” aka Vegetables. Eating these should be a great alternative to potato chips and Doritos right? Once the vegetable is fried in fat it depletes it of nutrients, it becomes high in fat calories, and there is added salt.

Smoothies- Smoothies are made of mostly fruit, which if you overdo them you end up with more sugar than one needs per day and high amounts of calories. Even fruit has calories that can end up in your midsection if not burned by the end of the day. They are also not very filling, and you end up eating extra food to satisfy your appetite.

Dried Fruit- Dried cranberries and pineapple typically are a more tart food. Extra sugar helps in the dehydration process to make the dried fruit taste sweeter. Best dried fruit if you decide you want some is dates, raisins, and dried apples.

Granola- Primarily made with oats, nuts, and sometimes dried fruit. Now that should be pretty healthy, right? Nope! Use of Honey and sugar make these food ingredients high in calories. You could easily eat as much as 500 calories or more in one serving.

Yogurt- Yogurt has many significant benefits if eaten plain, but the only kind that’s good is the flavored kind. It is easy for us to decide to look at calorie intake alone and pick the low-calorie type, but by doing this the manufacturer has to make it taste good, so they ad extra sugars.

Instant Oatmeal-If you buy the instant oatmeal that is has a Maple syrup, Apple, and Cinnamon, or fruit and cream flavoring, you are looking at at least four teaspoons of sugar per packet. If you are like me, you probably make two packages at a time because the one prepared package looks like an appetizer sampler. Try making your oatmeal homemade and add some fresh fruit for a better alternative.

Foods That Are “Healthy”

Salads-Salads by themselves are an excellent source of fiber if you are eating a bunch of tossed vegetables. Of course, I don’t think many of us believe that is a proper salad. Once you add these few items, you can see just how quickly a mixture can become a 1200 calorie meal.

Dressing: 2 Tablespoons of Blue Cheese, Ranch, or French equals 145 Calories.
Shredded Cheese: ¼ Cup equals 114 Calories
Croutons: 10 equals 100 Calories

Nuts: ¼ Cup equals 204 Calories
Dried Cranberries: 1/3 Cup equals 123 Calories
La Choy Chow Mein Noodles: ½ cup equals 128 Calories

Wheat bread: Most times it is just White bread with a coloring added to it. White bread is enriched, which means all the good stuff (vitamins and minerals) through processing was destroyed and it had to be added back into it after the flour was bleached.
If you are going to eat it, look for whole grain unbleached flour in the ingredients.

Educating yourself and checking labels will help you in the long run to find genuinely healthy foods. It may take some time, but eventually, it will be automatic for you to quickly figure out if a specific food is right for you and not so time-consuming.