Immigrant Laws are Becoming Tense Worldwide

According to France’s spokesman, Europe, and the United States don’t share the same values. Meanwhile, global outrage grows due to the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents after they cross the border from Mexico.

Due to the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy, immigrant children are separated from their families. The children are then housed in tents next to the Mexican border in Tornillo, Texas.

The E.U. has its crisis on handling a massive influx of migrants fleeing hardships in the Middle East and Africa. Spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said he hoped not to see what’s happening in the State happen over in Europe.

The anger over detained children comes from Trump’s immigration policy of zero tolerance. This policy apprehends migrants entering the states illegally and charges them as criminals.

Parents referred by border guards for prosecution head off to federal jail. Meanwhile, their children go to different, remote detention facilities.

The government recently released footage showing migrant children held up in wire cages and sitting on concrete floors. Democrats in the U.S. called their treatment barbaric. Even some conservatives have shown alarm to the images that Griveaux calls shocking.

The World is on Edge As Immigrant Laws Create Tensions

Meanwhile, the Trump administration deems the strict approach necessary for the security of the border and to deter illegal immigration.

Over in Europe, migration crisis has continued to define politics increasingly. Italy has an anti-establishment government in power while Germany ‘s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition is fighting over the migration issue.

Last week, an argument over the fate of over 600 migrants on a rescue ship exposed flaws in the EU’s attempts to handle the influx of migrants. This issue returned to the top of the agenda after Merkle’s junior coalition partner gave her until the summit at the end of June to get a migration deal.

Looking to exploit the political uncertainty in Germany, Trump sent a tweet riddled with falsities on Monday, deriding the ally of the U.S.

Although crime statistics show otherwise, Trump’s tweet said that Crime in Germany had risen drastically.

Another statement made in the tweet with zero evidence to support it was that Europe’s allowance of so many migrants has violently changed their culture.