JBA League To Begin Soon

The premiere date for the Junior Basketball Association or JBA, a basketball league from the minds of the creator of Big Baller Brand, LaVar Ball is a week away. Last year, there was an announcement, and they also had tryouts for young men from all over the nation 17-19 years in age.

The Set Up

There will be eight teams within the league, with home bases in major U.S. Cities. States and cities participating in the league are Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles. It will be ten players to a team and they will play eight games at different venues. There will also e an All-Star game as well a play-off.

Also, the top players’ in the league will all be on one team at the end of the season. The team’s of top players will go on to play professional games overseas.

Who’s Playing

At first, the JBA was going to draft players who attend top-tier high schools. However, that idea didn’t go over so well. Top recruits were turning down offers for the JBA left and right. However, there are still players to keep an eye on in the league.

LaMelo Ball will play for the Los Angles Ballers.


The JBA Coming To A Screen Near You

Kexo Brown will play for the Chicago Ballers.

Corey Boy will be on the Atlanta Baller tea as well as Isom Butler.

What should fans expect

It’s seeming as though the league will be playing more up-tempo, as that’s how LaVar’s son, LaMelo likes to play. One thing people can say about about LaVar is that he always puts his family first. So far, LaMelo is the only prospect within that league that people know of. With that in mind, those following the league should expect LaMelo’s actions to be the basis of how everyone else is going to play.