Seattle To Ban All Plastic Utensils and Straws

On July 1st, Seattle will be the first city in the U.S. with a ban on plastic utensils, and straws take out and restaurant use. As a means to prep for the ban environmentalist are praising the leaders of the city.

Kate Melges, an ocean campaigner for Greenpeace USA, told reporters that the city of Seattle is setting the tone for others. One restaurant owner says that they are banning the plastic ware because they feel it is best for our environment.

Even so, since 2010 there has been a ban on plastic ware. However, for businesses, there was a wave on the ban.

Seattle Ready To Ban All Plastic Ware

People supporting the initiative say that at least 50 million plastic straws end up in the world’s many oceans every year. Some restaurant owners buy at least one million straws a year. Bob Donegan, president of Duke’s Seafood & Chowder, and chairman of the Board for the Seattle Aquarium is on board with the ban.

Over the past year, the restaurant has been testing out different alternative cutlery. Soon, they will use large, biodegradable straw that doesn’t break down after drinking one of their milkshakes. The straws are a bit more pricier than plastic ones. However, he feels that they are worth the price. Donegan also said that all of the manufacturers that he is utilizing are in China. The boat that will bring the straws over to Seattle are to arrive July 22nd.

According to Donegan, there are no U.S. manufacturers who create paper straws.

By July 1st, all establishments which serve food and or drinks in the city of Seattle are only to use cutlery that is biodegradable. That is, unless made from metal. Grocery stores are not a part of the ban.

On Wednesday, The Portland City Council will be passing a similar ban in their city.