Signs of Heart Disease to Look for

One in four people dies of heart disease. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that their heart isn’t healthy or functioning correctly until they have a heart attack. Your arteries carry blood through your vessels, your heart being one of them. When plaque is present, a fatty build up, the flow of blood is restricted, and you develop the disease Atherosclerosis. Although we can’t see right through to the heart to check on its well being, other unique signs can help motivate us to check ourselves for heart disease.

Signs to Look for on Yourself for Possible Heart Disease

45 Degree Crease on your earlobe- A vertical crease on your earlobe, also known as “Franks sign. This crease is associated with higher risk of atherosclerosis.

Fatty bumps-Yellow fatty bumps also known as xanthomas, usually show up on eyelids, elbows, knees, and buttocks. These bumps are more common in people with familial hypercholesterolemia, a genetic disease which produces more LDL cholesterol, the dangerous kind, and found under the skin surface. This same fat deposits itself in the arteries.

Clubbed fingernails-Also known as Hippocratic Fingers. The first to discover the association of clubbed fingers and disease was by the Greek physician Hippocrates. It is a deformity of the nails and in almost all cases is a sign of disease either with the Heart or Lungs.

A halo around iris- Arcus senilis is when a gray “Halo” forms around the iris. Fatty deposits create it. You might see this formation around the age of 40 and a significant amount around 60. There has been a link between a halo around the iris and heart disease.

Rotten gums and loose teeth- Your mouth has good and bad bacteria. If you have too much harmful bacteria, it enters your bloodstream and causes inflamed arteries. Inflamed gums and tooth loss associated with periodontitis could lead to harmful bacteria.

Blue lips-Another health indicator you are not receiving enough oxygen in your blood to your tissues is when your lips are blue. This is not the same as blue lips from being too cold temporarily.

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean you have heart disease. With all diagnosis, you should have a medical doctor examine you to rule it out. These signs are only a guideline of researched physical signs and have possible links to heart disease.