Demi Lovato Releases New Song: Sober

Demi Lovato released her new song Thursday called “Sober” with no warning. She tweeted letting her followers know she just released it. Those that follow her and love her music know she has struggled with drugs and alcohol for many years. The first glimpse of her struggles was when she checked herself into a rehab clinic in 2010. When she was in rehab, on top of everything else, doctors diagnosed her with Bi-polar disorder. Since then, Demi has been very open about her addiction to alcohol, cocaine, binge eating, and cutting. The song “Sober” is the exact opposite of what you might expect. Demi opens up about her battle and how she has fallen off the wagon and how sorry she is for letting everyone down, but she is human.

In her YouTube music video, she reveals she has relapsed back into drinking. “Momma I’m so sorry, I’m not sober Anymore.” “Daddy forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor.” “I’m so sorry; I’m not sober anymore.” Demi Lovato admits to relapsing in her new song. This video, in one day, has over 2.6 Million views and climbing.

Demi Lovato’s Journey Hasn’t Been An Easy One, Filled With Many Trials and Obstacles

“I wasn’t working my program. I wasn’t ready to get sober. I was sneaking it on planes, sneaking it in bathrooms, sneaking it throughout the night. Nobody knew,” she spoke about this in her YouTube documentary “Simply Complicated,” which released on Oct 17, 2017. Her life situations are what lead her to where she is today, both good and bad. Demi mentioned the times others bullied her when she was younger about her weight. Demi started purging, hoping it would help her lose weight to end the bullying. She wasn’t that popular and fell to peer pressure when she got involved with a popular girl and Demi would drink.

Demi’s dad was an addict, a condition which can be hereditary. Her parents ended up divorced. She has many issues with her biological Dad and introduces her stepdad as her real dad. She admits she was fascinated with death and dreamt of what her funeral would be like. As far as self-mutilation, she says she started it more out of curiosity and peers doing it. Once she did it, she would get “Instant gratification and immediate release,” She said in an interview with Robin Roberts on 2020.

One thing most of her followers appreciate about her is her blunt honesty. Many people can relate to her as if she were not a Big star because she doesn’t come across as fake. I hope the best for her and that she comes to terms with her addictions. She has so much to offer her fans.