Brown Recluse Spiders Found in Michigan

One local pest control company is giving $300 as a reward for any evidence of brown recluse spiders found in Michigan. The reason for the award is due to how rare they are in the state.

Metro Detroit- based pest management company, Rose Pest Solutions, is offering not only free treatment but also a $300 reward for anyone who has evidence of the spider.

Within the past year, there have been around ten reports of citings of the arachnid in 10 Michigan counties.
According to spider professionals, the reason for the rarity of the spider is due to Michigan being outside of their natural range.

Do you have evidence of a brown recluse Spider?

If so, take a picture or two of the suspected spiders and send them to All submissions are to include the name of the homeowner, address, telephone number, and their email. Those who submit identifiable images will receive a visit and inspection from the company.

The offer is good through Friday, Sept. 28, 2018. If there is evidence of the brown recluse spider, the company will eradicate the infestation with free treatment and provide you with the $300 reward.

Things to know when it comes to brown recluse spiders

They are nocturnal and eat bugs such as crickets and cockroaches.

These specific spiders like to live outside. They make their homes near rocks and woodpiles. If inside, they are usually found inside boxes or old shoes in basements or attics.

Brown recluse spiders, like black widows, only bite as a means of defense. They do inject venom into their victims when they bite. Typically, those receiving a bite do not feel it. They will soon feel a tingling that turns into intense pain lasting anywhere from six to eight hours. A blister that turns into an open ulcer appears after the initial bite. Symptoms after the bite include fever and restlessness.