Guinness to Open Brewery in Baltimore Maryland

It’s an exciting time for beer fans in the United States. Especially for those located in or near Baltimore Maryland. After keeping away from the states for more than six decades, the iconic Irish beer Guinness finally plans to open its first brewery in the United States. This decision came after an $80 million investment.

Baltimore plans to welcome the new brewery with open arms on August 3. The brewery will include a visitor center, a tap room, and a seated restaurant consisting of 270 seats. Two hundred jobs are also expected to pop up around the area thanks to the city’s latest addition. The business used to own a brewery in New York for a few short years between 1949 and 1954.

In a statement, Guinness said that the United States is likely the most dynamic and exciting beer market in the world at this time. Simply put, the company finally wanted part of the action. Continuing their statement, Guinness said having a brewery in the USA would help them comprehend and respond quicker to trends as they appear. The local brewery should also assist in brewing smaller batches and getting them to the market faster.

Guinness Won’t Brew All Drafts Here, but Hope Sales Will Increase With Brewery in U.S.

However, not all of the company’s famous dark stouts will be brewed on site in Maryland. Guinness stated that they plan to import the majority of their beer from its headquarters back in Ireland. Guinness has since allowed City Brewing in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to brew its Guinness Blonde American Lager under contract. The production, however, plans to shift to the new Maryland facility soon to welcome in the new restaurant.

The big move to the United States on Guinness’ part is an attempt to dig up sales and entice millennials. Sales for the Irish brewer in the United States have stagnated in recent years since craft beers from smaller, more local breweries have started becoming more and more popular.

Currently, Guinness brews its beers in 49 various countries. Dublin holds a brewery with another in Malaysia and three more in Africa.