Superstar Basketball Player Lebron James Now A Laker

It is official, LeBron James is a Laker. The basketball superstar has signed a four-year $154 million with the team. The announcement came in Sunday from Klutch Sports Group. The company is ran by his agent Rich Paul. On Friday, he chose to opt out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This will be LeBron’s third time in a span of eight years that he has switched teams. He’s been back with the Cavs since his return in 2014 after playing four seasons with Miami. Though the Lakers have an exciting young team, they haven’t made it to the playoffs in six years.

Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavs, said in a statement that when it comes to the superstar, he wished him nothing but the best. Also, that the organization will never forget the night that James was able to help end the 52-year championship drought for the team.

NBA Superstar LeBron James Now Playing For The Lakers

In his statement, Gilbert recalls that it was a championship game that was able to unite old and new Clevelanders. He says that LeBron was able to come back, and deliver. He has nothing but gratitude and appreciation for everything that James was able to achieve while wearing the team’s uniform.

The choice to change teams will also interestingly affect some other superstar players in the league. For example, Kawhi Leonard, of the San Antonio Spurs was wanting to play on the same team as LeBron.

Playing for the Lakers will open different avenues for Jame when it comes to business and activism. Currently, James has two houses in Southern California as well as a film production company.

According to reports from ESPN, James will not address the switch up during any press conference. Also, he will not be a part of any welcome parties in LA. However, on July 30, he will be opening his I Promise School in Akron and will make a public announcement.