Travis Pastrana the Next Evel Knievel?

Honoring the legendary Evel Knievel, Travis Pastrana attempted three of the daredevil’s most dangerous jumps, one after the other, on Evel Live, Sunday. Pastrana was not only looking to complete these insane stunts but to break the records held by Knievel himself.

The heroic act of the new daredevil began with the classic 50 Car Jump. After that, he went on to perform the Wembley Bus Jump. To top off the performance, Pastrana made the infamous Caesars Palace Fountain Jump. Despite knowing this feat almost killed the famous Evel Knievel five decades ago, he didn’t back down. When interviewed about the final jump, Pastrana lauded it as the most iconic jump in stunt lore. He continued saying this was the one to beat and attempt just because it was the one Evel wasn’t even capable of landing.

Pastrana’s ride of choice was a 340-pound Indian Scout FTR 750. The machine held a V Twin engine, allowing him to clear the first jump across 52 cars. His final flight made it to over 143 feet. This jump was 23 feet more than Knievel did back in 1973. The second historical jump he did was over sixteen Greyhound buses, equaling 192 feet. However, those previous records seemed like nothing to the last stunt he pulled. This stunt that put the famous Knievel in a 29-day long coma blew every mind that watched this historic feat.

Travis Pastrana and His Final Jump into History

Pastrana had less than 200 feet to rev his bike up to nearly 70 mph. The brave, if not talented, daredevil flew over the Las Vegas Caesars Palace fountains, making the fantastic feat look like child’s play. It seemed so simple to the new record holder that he even appeared to be his regular, relaxed self as he told the host, Matt Iseman how much on an honor it was to live in Evel’s footsteps and even literally, his boots. He then thanked everyone for coming out to watch him perform the jumps in Las Vegas. A lot of Pastrana’s history, according to him was in this very place. He was able to live out his life’s dream of surpassing Knievel and hoped everyone enjoyed the show.

With everything said and done, Pastrana did what anyone would have done had they just completed not one or even two, but three death-defying jumps, including a jump over a water fountain 149 feet in the air on a bike over twice his body weight. He went for a nice, relaxing swim.