Canadian Mailman Helps Himself To Family’s Fruit Baskets

One Montreal family thought that a squirrel was taking their tomatoes. However, after checking their security camera footage, it turns out that it was their local Canadian mailman.

They now want an apology from him.

According to CNN news report, Rob Morin’s wife grows tomatoes and other fruit in outside hanging baskets. He says that his wife thought that a squirrel was taking their fruit.

After weeks of pondering who was taking their fruit, the Morin’s security camera caught the culprit red-handed. In the footage, they saw that the mailman was helping himself their strawberries and tomatoes.

So far, the Canada Post has not responded to any requests for comment.

In the videos, the mailman is seen treating himself, on different occasions to the Morins’ fruit baskets. He was picking the strawberries and the tomatoes from their baskets at least ten times within the week.

Canadian Mailman Caught Eating Out Of Fruit Baskets

Paula Habib, Morin’s wife, told reporters that she thought it was rude or the mailman to take her fruit. She says not once did he ever ask her for the fruit. Paula goes on to tell reporters that he never even made a joke about taking from their baskets.

Morin feels the same as his wife about the situation.

He tells reporters that if he took a few as a quick snack that they wouldn’t have minded. Or even in a jokingly well said the that the fruit was delicious. However, instead, he took so many to the point that there weren’t any for him or his wife to eat.

Though they do not want to see the mailman without a job, they would like a proper apology. According to reports, if he replaces the plants or offers them tomato sauce or a strawberry pie, he will be all good in their book.