Detroit Tigers Struggle Through Another Loss

Losses aren’t any easier to take when you’re a few days away from a needed break, or when you’re expected to lose, or even when facing the World Series defending champions. The Detroit Tigers are struggling now. Following the loss of five games in a row, the team is shut out for the 12th time this season, the most in the major leagues.

The scoreboard at the end of their latest match showed Tigers 0, Astros 3. While it was a predictable loss, the score was closer than expected.

Jeimer Candelario rounded third base at the end of the game, JaCoby Jones rounding first base. A fly ball expired on the warning track in left field. Hurtling past Jones, the ball landed in the open glove of Josh Reddick, forcing Candelario out.

Despite Losses, Detroit Tigers manager is Proud of Team

The tension of the loss carried over to the clubhouse, alerting their manager, Ron Gardenhire that he needed to tell the team how proud he is of them for their sizeable effort.

The Tigers had their chance early on with a good starter, Dallas Keuchel. They loaded the bases, one out in the sixth inning. However, every time, they left with nothing to show.

Their difficulties lie in their inexperience as well as their personnel. Niko Goodrum flailed at three change-ups in a row for the third inning. Jones in the fifth rolled over a 2-0 pitch and grounded in a double play that ended the inning.

Next up to bat, Jones made a big swing, falling a few feet short of a home run. He lets the next ball go by and soon walks to first in an attempt to try and bring the tying run at the plate.

Once the game finished and the fans left, Gardenhire made sure the team understood his pride for their efforts despite the reality they kept facing.

He expressed his love of the team, mentioning his appreciation for their work ethics. He wants to get them the wins they deserve, although he admits he’s unsure of how to go about that.

The growing pains are real for the Detroit Tigers. Even though the passion is there, the wins won’t come easy. Especially not against their next few opponents.