Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Released

The trailer for the 11th season of “Doctor Who” premiered during the World Cup finals between France and Croatia. Since its reboot in 2005, this season seems like the most highly anticipated of the seasons. It’s a historic season since Jodie Whittaker, the new incarnation of the Doctor, will be the first female Doctor. At least for the TV series since the show’s conception back in 1963.

The trailer is also unique as it showed little of the upcoming season, and more of a re-introduction to Whittaker and her supporting cast. The trailer looks more into the Doctor’s supernatural aspect as to those typically around her. This way, fans are assured that while faces and genders have changed, the show remains the same.

Doctor Who, like Star Wars, faced online revolt for the recasting changes. A small but vocal group of white male fans lead the revolts. For non-Whovians, The Doctor is an alien who, throughout the decades the show has spanned, has been categorized as either genderless or gender-fluid. Therefore, these small protests show not only sexism but also a lack of understanding of the show’s backstory. However, unlike Disney and Lucasfilm, BBC has taken a proactive turn to address the trolling, denouncing anyone who is against the change of the Doctor. BBC states the idea of the Doctor is always evolving, an essential aspect of the program. The station even goes as far as to say that those who disagree aren’t real fans of the show.

The Doctor Who TV Series Lasted this Long, But Will it Overcome this Latest Obstacle?

Doctor Who has lasted so long thanks to the ingenious, and accidental, addition of the fact that the Doctor, an alien, regenerates instead of dying like a human. At least to an extent. When William Hartnell, the original Doctor, showed signs of Memory loss, he had to retire. The crew’s ingenuity of creating this new aspect, not only saved the show but created a unique TV character that could be around for the next generation. Each time the series turned to another Doctor, the production stalled for long gaps between these seasons.

The trailer does suggest that BBC is still nervous about the show’s re-introduction. In it, the trailer shows the new companions, yes plural, that will accompany the new feminine Doctor in her travels. One of those companions is an older, white male. This way, BBC seems to placate rowdy fans that there is still a leading white man in the cast.

We see the two other companions as well, Ryan and Yasmin, both actors of color. Yasmin is the first South Asian character in the history of the TV show. The amount of main characters looks to be interesting if not a bit crowded. The TARDIS (The Doctor’s spaceship in the guise of a 1960’s Police call box) hasn’t had so many passengers since the mid-1980s.

The new additions are perhaps the show hoping to bring in a new, broad viewership. With all the new changes, fans old and new hope the transition is as smooth and magical as the trailer leads us to believe.