Mom Dies From E. Coli Four Years After Daughter

E. coli was the cause of death for a 4-year-old girl in west central Minnesota in 2014. Now, 4 years later, her mom has passed from the same infection.

Karen Odens, 39, died on July 14 after battling complication of an E. coli infection she received while caring for her daughter in 2014. According to her father, Ed Welke, she was in the hospital 30 times due to her own infection causing complications.

Every year in Minnesota, E. coli outbreaks occur mainly from people eating food with reminiscences of the bacteria. People stricken with the infection ten to have severe stomach pain and diarrhea. However, the disease can also lead to life threatening kidney issues.

Minnesota Mom Dies From E. coli

According to Carlota Medus, an epidemiologist supervisor in the health department’s food-borne diseases unit, the infection can spread person to person. In these incidents, its typically spread from infectious person to care worker. So far, there has been an order from the state of Minnesota to keep over a dozen children home from child-care facilites due to the risk of spreading the infectious disease.

Odens had earned herself a doctorate in pharmacy from North Dakota State University. Also, for a decade, she worked at Pelican Drug in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. While there, Odens was well respected throughout the growing Somali immigrant population in the community. Her father wants her remebered for being a caring person. Both men and women would come in to the facility asking for Karen.

Due to her own complications, Odens had to stop working at Pelican Drug. Her blood pressure would rise to high levels, then out of nowhere, drop to extremely low level. After time, her kidneys could no longer function, and she had to go on dialysis.

In her obituary, it states that Odens spouse Eric, and her son Oliver have survived her.