Dwayne Johnson Universe- Are all Dwayne Johnson Movies Connected?

Not unlike Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Extend Universe and Dark Universe, it’s speculated if there is a Dwayne Johnson Universe, connecting the famed actor’s movies across time and space.

Whether The Rock is fighting giant mutant animals, earthquakes, or skyscrapers, the characters tend to be like one another. They all share similar values and a lot of the actor’s unique persona. Could the movies have a connection?

Hiram Garcia, the President of Production at Seven Bucks, the production company of Dwayne Johnson received questions about this possibility. As it turns out, Thanos has nothing on The Rock. Garcia confirmed the reality of a thread connecting movies starring Dwayne Johnson.

How The Rock’s Movies Come Together to Create the Dwayne Johnson Universe

To explain how the Dwayne Johnson Universe is possible, Garcia says it always comes down to the family. That aspect is always included in the heart of the storytelling for the movies. Strong family values are essential. They add an element that enables the audience to be deeper involved emotionally with the characters.

According to Garcia, the movies are always about the journey of the betterment, even if just a little. The most extreme version as seen in “Pain and Gain”, also had that character have at least somewhat of a redemption arc in the end. There’s always an aspect of healing and getting better along with a family tie of sorts for something of the heart.

As for the vein of an official DJU, the producer says that the ultimate goal for many is to have a universe. If there is at all a possibility for this idea to succeed, there could be a master plan on how to tackle the concept. Perhaps in a decade, Garcia teases, they could have their version of Infinity War. A Dwayne Johnson War.

The family thread of the DJU is crystal clear in his newest movie, “Skyscraper“. Johnson’s character in the former FBI hostage rescue team leader becomes an amputee after an explosion. Despite his newly acquired limitation, Johnson’s hero takes on a 240-story building set ablaze by terrorists. His goal is of course to save his wife and kids.

If that’s not a classic story worthy of the DJU, nothing is.