LeBron Speaks On Regretting Giving Son His Name

When it comes to LeBron Jame’s son, not only did receive his name, but also his skill on the court. The 5-foot-10 AAU star dominates whatever court he on with basketball moves. However, when it comes to inheriting things from parents, there is one thing LeBron wishes he didn’t give young “Bronny.”

On the debut episode of HBO’s newest series “The Shop” which airs Aug. 28, he explains that he regrets giving his 14-year old his name.

On Thursday, a preview clip was released, and in the clip, James speaks on watching his son, LeBron James Jr. out on the court.

LeBron James Speaks About Son And Why He Gave Him His Name

In the clip, he explains how last year was the first year in a while that he was able to watch his boys play during the summers. He says that he was able to sit and watch around 4 to five tournaments.

LeBron goes on to say that while watching the game, his hands and feet began to sweat. He says he then began thinking to himself, “Why is this happening, it’s only 10-year-olds playing a game.” One minute he was sitting on the bench, the next, he was getting into an argument with someone.

He then talks with the interviewers about what the pressure must be like for his son with having a superstar parent to live up too. LeBron then explains to them why he and his wife gave their son his name.

According to the superstar athlete, when he was a kid himself, his father was not there. So, he says, that when grew up, he wanted his son to be a junior. Also, that as a parent, he was going to do better for his kids. He did not want them to experience any of the things that he did while growing up.