Hookworms Found On Florida Beaches

Hookworms in Florida have traveled all the way to Tennesee through infected teens. 17-year-old Michael Dumas and other were swimming in a beach in Florida when they all contacted the parasite.

While on a mission trip, he and his friend went swimming in Pompano Beach. Pompano Beach is a few miles away from Fort Lauderdale.

In a picture, you can see that Dumas and his friends were having a good time burying their feet in the sand. The incident occurred June 20.

However, the beachgoers were returning with something from the beach beside sandy feet, and would soon find themselves covered in scars.

Hookworms On Florida Beaches

According to Dumas, not too long after leaving the beach his ears began to ache. Also, bumps began for under the skin of his thighs and legs.

After going to a doctor, they saw that he was suffering from a severe case of hookworms. However, four other people from his group were going through the same issues and had hookworms themselves.

The victim’s mother, Kelli Dumas, spoke about the horrendous incident on her Facebook account. Her son’s feet began to swell from the infection.

Dermatologists recommend that they freeze the worm using liquid nitrogen. She claims that her son could feel the worms slithering throughout his leg

Info from the CDC says that hookworm larvae can easily penetrate the skin of a human. However, the infection comes from the person walking barefoot on soil that is contaminated. The boy now is home ridden and has to bathe in baths of bleach to cure the infection.

Be that as it may, his family tried to reach out to the health department, no one has returned any of their calls to warn other of the contamination.

According to reports on the health department’s site, they warn the resident to were shoed while walking on the beach due to the possibility of receiving the parasite.