Student From Florida Dies While Swimming In Israel

Sad news out of Florida, a 19-year-old student was visiting Tel Aviv when she drowned. TeNiya Jones, who was a foreign exchange student had been not seen since this past Saturday.

TeNiya was sophomore at the University of Kentucky. She was a part of a seven-week exchange program in the city of Jordan. On Monday, her body washed up on to an Israeli beach. Jones went missing after going for a late-night swim with two friends. While swimming, Jones was caught in a rip current.

Though her friends were struggling in the current as well, they were able to swim to shore. Once on shore, they were quick to call local authorities. Jones and her friends were on a trip to Israel before coming back to the states. During the winter months, the University of Lexington offers students the opportunity to study Arabic-language in Amman, Jordan. Jones was majoring in biology but minoring in Islamic studies.

Florida Student That Was Missing Body Washes Up On Mediterranean Shore

She was also hoping to be a walk-on on the school’s track team. While attending Fort Myers’ Dunbar High School, she was able to win county and district titles in the 100-meter and 300-meter hurdles. Her sophomore year in high school he was able to win the regional championship in the 300-meter hurdles. Not too long after her in, she tore her ACL.

Jones’s formal track coach, Guy Thomas, says that she would work really hard and that she was mature for her age. He also says that she knew falling down and getting back up was what brought about success in your life.

Her coach says she came back when everyone else was at the top of their game, and she wasn’t and she still was able to take home the win.

TeNiya’s mother, Thomas-Mora will be in Tel Aviv Tuesday morning to view her daughter’s body.