Shipt Off: Former Florida Teacher Doubles Salary by Trading Jobs

It’s well-known teachers aren’t paid much, especially considering what their job entails. One man, formerly a teacher in Florida for 20 years, has now retired from teaching. His mid-life career change now helps him earn a six-figure salary. Now, he works for Shipt.

Ed Hennessey recently re-visited his old classroom. Trying to reign in tears, he mentions it’s an emotional time as his teaching career was part of the best time of his life. He hadn’t seen the room in over a year.

His 20 years of teaching saw him helping thousands of children at Oviedo High School.

When asked if he was living his dream during teaching, Hennessey said he was, other than the money. It was a struggle for him financially.

During his teaching years, Hennessey claimed he never made more than $50,000 a year. With that salary, he struggled to make ends meet. He had two children to support as well as old college loans to pay off.

The former teacher said he always held a second job as well. He jumped between Blockbuster, Old Navy, Target, Uber, and then Shipt.

How Shipt Turned Around the Life of A Former Teacher

Hennessey started as a Shipt shopper part-time. He developed a system and fan base in 2015. After two years at Shipt, he came to the realization he could make some real money, calling into question his time in the classroom.

Speaking about his teaching job, Hennessey said he didn’t think there was a way to turn the job around other than offering more money.

Last year, he made a radical, life-changing decision to take a year of sabbatical from teaching to become a full-time shopper.

As of now, Hennessey’s yearly salary is six figures long. To clarify: He makes well over $100,000 a year delivering groceries.

Now making double his teaching salary, the 45-year-old officially retired from his passion last month.

Hennessey commented that leaving his life of teaching was one of the saddest and scariest things he’s had to do.

He now spends his time both in his car and searching aisles of local supermarkets.

Each day, he picks up groceries specified to him and delivers them to families in Seminole County.

The former teacher says his life is entirely different now. He makes his own schedule, usually between 50- and 60-hour work weeks. He also no longer has summers off. Instead of grading tests and creating lesson plans during his downtime, he is instead, glued to his phone. Hennessey says he doesn’t mind his new lifeline either.

Hennessey says the new job is actually relaxing. He enjoys leaving the house and being outside all the time. The position enables him to see people frequently and be his own boss. Finally, he is who he wants to be.