Contagious Hand Foot and Mouth hit NY Mets

Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (HFMD) is a contagious disease that typically affects children under the age of 11. It is the Coxsackie virus which causes hand, foot, and mouth disease. When someone has the disease, flu-like symptoms occur. Also, they may have sores in their mouth, palms of hands and bottoms of their feet. Recently, two of the NY Mets baseball players; Noah Syndergaard and J.A. Happ came down with mild cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Reports believe that Syndergaard may have contacted the disease last week while visiting a children’s baseball camp. Happ is the 2nd player to recently contact the virus also. Doctors have reported more massive outbreaks in South Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, and Virginia.

People believe that the virus, hand, foot,and mouth disease has beginning origins from the town it was first found in near south of Albany, New York called “Coxsackie.” The virus Coxsackie has two subtypes: type A and type B. Type A is what causes the hand, foot, and mouth disease and Type B causes Summer Fever, stomach spasms and spasms in the chest.

Contagious Hand Foot And Mouth Disease Running Rampant Through Baseball Teams

Best way to avoid hand, foot, and mouth disease is to wash your hands before eating or drinking. Most children do not have the same hygiene practices unless their parent is monitoring them often. If you are in contact with children, like daycares, or diaper changes, make sure you are washing up thoroughly afterward. The virus spreads easily through fecal-oral transfer. Unfortunately, we all have to be in public with tons of others who may or may not have good hygiene practices. Other ways HFMD is transferred from one to another can be as easy as how the common cold is transferred through coughing and sneezing from someone who is infected.