Ludacris Buys Woman’s Groceries Unbeknownst To Her

It was an awesome day at the World Foods Market in Atlanta for Therra Gywn-Jaramillo who ran into rapper Ludacris without knowing.  A friend of hers gave her a gift card to Whole Foods. Whole Foods is not a store she typically shops at because the prices are typically high. She was standing in line behind a gentleman and was putting her food on the conveyor when both of their food began mixing together

He said, “I got it.” Then he preceded to purchase everything that was in her cart. She couldn’t even begin to explain the feelings that came over her and the disbelief that a stranger was going to buy all her groceries! She proceeded to cry while thanking him, and hugging him for his generosity. After asking who her benefactor was, his reply was, “Just a guy”. It wasn’t until he was out of the area that the cashier told Therra it was the famous raper, Ludacris, who was nice enough to pay for her food. She couldn’t believe it and screamed out, “What!?!’ Then she said, “I love him!” He was already outside when she started singing one of his songs, “Rollout.”

Ludacris Pays For Woman Groceries At Whole Foods

What Ludacris didn’t know was how big his token of free groceries was a huge weight lifted from Therras shoulders. Her husband was no longer with her due to passing from Brain Cancer, and her mother died in hurricane Katrina. She is a freelance writer and payment for her services is not always on a schedule. It’s typically up to the company who he is working for to get her payment. Unsuccessful in getting receiving funds,  to add to the madness, her water heater was no longer working.  She basically had no money. The gift card came from a good friend who knew she was struggling.

“He taught me that kindness is a currency that we all have. The more you spend it, the richer you get.”

Therra knew she could never thank Ludacris enough, but she got on her Facebook and let her friends know what happened, and then the story went viral.