Seven Puppies Found on Uninhabited “Gilligan’s” Island

While fishing near Cross Lake in Manitoba, Canada, two men found a small island with a set of peculiar castaways on Monday. Leon and his friend JR Cook boated by the island when they heard a sound like crying. Uncertain who or what made the noise, the two decided to investigate the next day since it was already too dark to look into the situation at the time. When they returned the following day, they saw movement in the brush

The duo of fishermen considered the sound could be wolves. However, a smaller, and more playful member of the canine family emerged from the bushes. Seven puppies with black fur seemed to own the otherwise uninhabited island. While it was uncertain how they got there, the men knew the dogs needed help.

After finding the seven puppies, the men returned to the mainland to purchase dog food and talked with a Norway House Animal Rescue volunteer. Cook organized how to transport the puppies off the island and take them to a shelter. The process, however, would take a few days.

According to the adoption coordinator for the organization, Jessica Boeckler, the men returned to the island three times every day to take care of the puppies.

The Norway House Animal Rescue And The Seven Puppies

Boeckler says the Rescue Center works with the community in receiving calls about stray an abandoned dogs quite often. There tends to, unfortunately, be a large number of stray dogs in the Manitoba communities. The company brings them in to take care of them.

Currently, the pups have to wait for the director of the animal rescue, Deb Vanderkerkhove, to pick them up. She’ll bring the puppies to a shelter in Winnipeg to be put up for adoption. Boeckler predicts someone will adopt them in no time. The island dogs are a type of Labrador cross-breed.

As of now, the dogs should go to a foster home near the lake where the fishermen found them. The foster parent for the pups as well as Cook got creative with the names for the adventurous pups. Since the fishermen found the pups stranded on a deserted island, not unlike the seven characters on the TV series Gilligan’s Island, the pups each acquired the names of the famous characters.

However, unlike the crew on “Gilligan’s Island,” the misadventures of these puppies continued for much less than the years it took the TV crew to escape the island. Those working with the dogs believe the dogs will be up for adoption in a few weeks time. The adoption applications are all ready.

The pups named Gilligan, Skipper, Thurston Howell III, Mrs. Howell, Ginger, Professor, and Mary Ann should soon have their forever homes.