Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Faces Murder Charges

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Denis Furtado or “Dr. Bumbum” officially been charged with murder after a patient of his from Brazil died after her operation.

Lillian Calixto was in the process of buttocks enlargement surgery when she became sick. According to reports, the procedure occurred at his home while his mother, girlfriend, and maid were his assistants in Rio De Janeiro.

On the charge sheet, it states that the celebrity plastic surgeon was using a much larger dose of the chemical PMMA than necessary for the procedure. He did not have a license to practice medicine in the city of Rio De Janeiro.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bumbum Faces Charges of Murder After Patient Dies From Complications Of Surgery

Though he did his best to render aid to Ms. Calixito, even going as far as to take her to a local hospital, she died only a few hours later.

Dr. Furtado was able to amass 650,000 social media followers and was even on Brazilian TV. According to the public prosecutor’s office, his tactics of using false promises of instant beauty was able to lure women into his “office.”

Due to risks in association with using PMMA, the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society denounces the use of the chemical aesthetically.

The celebrity plastic surgeon, however, does have a license to practice medicine in the state of Goiás and in Brasilia.
Maria de Fátima Barros Furtado, Furtado’s mother, is also facing charges of her own. Though her license was revoked, she chose to continue to practice medicine with her son.

Four days after being on the run, officers were able to locate and detain Furtado.

Though he claims to have performed the procedure 9,000 times without any incidents, he did say that Ms. Calixto’s death was a fatal accident.

His lawyer, Naiara Baldanza, claims that her client is innocent in the case against him.