Sister Mary Jo Wows All With First Pitch

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck may be one with the Lord, but on Saturday, she was one with the mound! On Saturday, she threw what many have deemed the most epic first pitched they ever seen whether this season or any season ever.

Many also claim that her pitch was the most exciting thing to happen in the entire game. Before the players of the Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox took to the mound, the crowd was already in awe.

Sister Mary Jo was there with her students who attend Marian Catholic High School. At the school, she teaches sophomores and juniors theology. However, during Saturday night’s game, she looked as if she was ready to turn in her hobbit for a glove to start for the Major Leagues.

Though folks don’t know who or why she was chosen, it as a fact that the sister was ready. Everyone, even the players, were in awe at not only her form but her precision. Whoever it was that did choose her, did a fantastic job. Sister Mary Jo was even able to bring a little showmanship to the mound as well as class. Her perfect strike was all over social media accounts.

Though it was the Royals who won the game 3-1, it was Sister Mary Jo who brought the house down!

When it comes to sporting events, she is not the first nun in the area of Chicago to show out. Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt was making headlines this year during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. She was cheering for the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers as the made it to the Final Four. Her cheering was able to gain her worldwide notoriety. Teams have invited her to their games, and she was also able to throw out the first pitch of her own at Wrigley Field.