Chinese State Mocks Trump in Satirical Video

The Chinese state media released a video thanking Trump for helping to make China stronger. The video shows the president in unflattering poses. His brows appear furrowed with his mouth wide open. The sarcastic title reads: Thank you, Mr. Trump, you’re GREAT!”

As the trade war between the United States and China rages on, new outlets in China have mainly refrained from resorting to personal attacks against the U.S. President.

However, a new video released earlier this week by the China Global Television Network, which is an English-language affiliate of the state broadcaster, went after the American leader by portraying him as a bumbling idiot who indirectly advances the Chinese State and its interests.

But as soon as it began receiving attention, the video disappeared. It disappeared from YouTube as well as the Chinese microblogging platform, Weibo.

The video shows the anger escalating in China due to the tariffs on nearly 25 percent imposed on tens of billions of dollars worth for Chinese goods such as steel, aluminum, and various technology products.

A professor of Chinese politics at King’s College London, Kerry Brown, says they sense Trump’s increasing domestic weakness and see it as a chance to put pressure on the situation.

The Chinese State Expected to Back off Jokes Slightly To Avoid Backlash from US

Even so, Brown adds that criticism should be muted, so they avoid any backlash from the United States. It does seem the propaganda officials in China have second thoughts.

Trump described the tariffs as necessary to help reduce the country’s trade deficit with China. However, his efforts rattled Chinese officials which prompted a retaliatory series of actions from Beijing that fears slowing economic growth.

The ruling Communist Party directly controls news outlets in China. These outlets frequently criticize the US in general terms. Recent months, however, show commentators having greater willingness to use Trump’s name outright in accusing him of making misleading statements as well as resorting to child-like tactics.

This isn’t the first time China Global Television Network, geared towards foreign audiences, has targeted President Trump. Earlier this month, a video shows Trump sitting on a toilet. The announcer calls Trump a septuagenarian who sits on his toilet and posts tweets that makes people question his sanity.

In this newest video released this week, a business news anchor reads a long thank-you note to Trump. Cheng Lei, the news anchor, credits him with aiding China to lure foreign investors such as Tesla as well as inspire China to devote more funds to researching the semiconductor industry.

The video is almost three minutes long, all of it mocking Trump for running a chaotic White House as well as pursuing isolationist foreign policies. Cheng also suggests that by making China impose tariffs on American products, Trump is aiding the improvement of public health.

Cheng ‘thanks’ Trump for their doctors for pointing out the necessity to wean off American goods like bacon and bourbon.