Starbucks New Program For Employees

Starbucks is going to pay their employees to work at nonprofits that align with their charitable causes. They are testing the new program which started last week, and have selected 36 full-time employees in 13 cities, to launch the program. The employees will work 20 hours for Starbucks and 20 hours for the nonprofit each week. Starbucks is footing the pay for the 20 hours not worked at their business.

The company came about the idea of the new program to be appealing to new and existing employees. Unemployment in the US is at it’s lowest since 2000. There are more jobs than job seekers. Possible interviewees are not even showing up for their interviews or hired workers not showing up on the 1st day. Starbucks is attempting to retain current and new employees for a more extended period.

New Starbucks Employee Program

Points of light are helping with the organizing of this new volunteer program. However, each selected Starbucks’ employee will work the next 6 months at a local non-profit organization. Some of the non-profit categories include veterans, military families, youth, hunger prevention, environment protection, refugees, and disaster relief.

The Starbucks Foundation Executive Director, Virginia Tenpenny, hopes the program will keep employees happy and they will retain employment with Starbucks. If they are happy, they will let their friends know and get referrals for new employment seekers.

Local communities will see how the company is helping to give back to the community and will, in turn, do business with the company over other coffee brands. The next team will be selected for the Fall of 2019 if all goes well with the current program participants. Points of Light had over 200 applicants for the current program.

Another neat thing the company announced is a store where every employee there will learn and know American sign language. The location for the new store is in Washington DC where the Gallaudet University is located, the worlds only liberal arts school for the Deaf.