Beyoncé and Jay-Z Performance Gets Surprise, Unwanted Visitor Onstage

On the Run II, the Beyoncé and Jay-Z spectacle, had a stop Saturday night in Atlanta. When everything was beginning to wrap up, a man bolted onto the stage and ran towards the couple.

Thankfully, he didn’t get very far at all, and no one got hurt. However, the confusion that followed the incident did make for an exciting story, especially for those who witnessed it. The show already had a lot going on for it, in favorable lighting that is, so it was undoubtedly a show many won’t forget anytime soon.
Here’s the story.

The Carters began walking off stage after a tag-team, two and a half hour performance of each of their back catalogs. The song “Apesh*t” came to an end with the backup dancers moving to the beat in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Out of the blue, a man dressed in a white jersey clambered onto the stage, making a beeline straight towards the couple.

For a split second, the dancers all exchanged a glance with one another before jumping into action. The security guards weren’t very far behind the attentive dancers.

Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z are Doing Well and Excited for More Shows

There is a variety of videos from fans in the audience showing different shots of the story as it unfolds. Some comment on the fight, wondering what was going on while others say they saw something but didn’t see any fighting.

News sources reached out to Yvette Noel-Schure, Beyoncé’s publicist and are waiting to hear back. However, Noel-Schire did make an Instagram post thanking the fans for their concern. She assures everyone the two singers are doing fine and were excited for their next show the following night.

Sunday was the second night of the two-day spectacle in Atlanta. And it was indeed a spectacle. It took off with “This. Is. Real. Life” illuminated on huge screens as both Beyoncé and Jay-Z took the stage. The couple took the entirety of their marriage, complications and all, and turned it into art for the public. Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and “4:44” by Jay-Z also featured that night in Atlanta. The entire performance was an experience with fantastic choreography.

It was complete with moving catwalks, a floating stage, and even pyrotechnics. The performance ended with the pair kissing as “This. Is. Real. Love” flashed overhead on the screens around the stadium. They walked off, hand-in-hand to complete the tale of their love.
And then, of course, someone decided to run on stage and spoil the happy, love-centric moment.