Chinese Couples Rejoice With New Child Policy

Currently, Chinese couples are allowed to have two children after years of only being about to have one child. Now, however, the policy will become even more lax, allowing for families to have more than two children.

The new code will not go into effect until March of 2020. Also, there is no guarantee that the condition will change for Chinese families. For some time now, experts in the country have been contemplating a change when it comes to the country’s strict family planning laws.

In October 2015, leaders in Beijing made the announcement mandating that Chinese couples could have more than one child. For decades, families in the country were committing infanticide or forcing sterilization on to their partners.

Chinese Couples Are Now Able To Bare More Children Under New Policy

However, due to the falling birth rate, officials were encouraging couples to have up to two children. Even so, the new changes had little effect on the birth rate.

The country’s government worries that they will soon run out of workers since people were only able to have one child per household for so long. The policy began in 1979 due to the Communist party leadership believing that the population of the country would become too high.

Over time, the family planning policy has left those in their youth to take care of their elders.
In 2016 there was a stamp for the Year of the Monkey, featuring two baby monkey kissing their parent. It was a tribute to the country dropping the One Child Policy.

Leaders were forcing women to have abortions, and families with more than one child were receiving heavy fines. Couples were desiring to have boys so if they did have a girl; they would sometimes commit infanticide to their daughters in order try again for a boy.