Student-Athletes Prepare For Fall Sports

As school get’s ready to end it’s first week for many around the country; it’s a great time to talk about sports. Kids, if not already, are eager to return to the field, whether for football or fall soccer. With student-athletes pushing themselves to make varsity or score the most goals, sometimes they push themselves too far. Below are a few tips on how to avoid sports injuries.

1. Get in for a preseason physical. Before going on the court or field, be sure that your student-athlete is the right condition to play. Also, be sure to speak about any issues that may have occurred since the last picking up a ball.

2. Give neuromuscular training a try. For females and those prone to tearing their ACL, this is perfect. For 25 minutes, the athlete will work on muscle memory and different landing techniques. Doing so reduces the possibility in half of tearing or injuring one’s ACL.

Tips For Student-Athletes This Fall Season

3. Keep a tight core. The stronger the core, the stronger the performance. When one engages their core, it makes for less stress on other joints and muscles of the body. Those who are pitchers, swimmers, and tennis players are more prone to overhead injuries. With that in mind, it is essential for them to make sure they have a strong stomach and back muscles.

4. Play more than one sport. When one sport ends, pick up another. Doing helps too keep student-athletes in top condition, utilizing and strengthening other muscle groups.

5. Make sure your footgear is right. As students are still growing, they may feel discomfort in their heels. Though stretching before a game or activity is helpful, they can receive additional comfort through proper footwear. Be sure that your student-athlete is wearing shoes that support the arch of their foot.