Computer Game Obsessions Are Real and Deadly

After reading this article, hopefully, some will get serious about computer game obsessions. In Russia, a 15-year-old boy was so upset after losing a game, that he chose to end his own life. Instead of trying again, the boy decided to head himself with a chainsaw. His mother claims that he had a heavy game addiction.

According to reports, Pavel Mateev, 15, went into his yard, turned on the chainsaw, and took off his own head. As of now, media outlets do not know the name of the game.

Computer Game Obsessions Can Lead To Self-Harming

Those with the Russian Investigative Committee have out a criminal case, alluding to an incitement of suicide. They are numerous incidents involving death groups who invite children and teens to kill themselves. So far, there is only one game that has been linked to the groups. Officials are looking into whether or not the death of Pavel has any links to these death groups. One Russian anti-cybercrime group warns that so far there are 1,339 online suicide groups with over 12,000 users watching and waiting for death.

One game, The Blue Whale, was a game where players would have to pass levels by hurting themselves one way or another. The final level of the game was for the player to commit suicide. Another game, the Momo Challenge, encourages children to commit suicide as well. The were reports circulating from India that someone had killed themselves; however, they were only rumors.

Computer game obsessions are very real. We live in an age where it’s difficult to keep an eye on everything one’s child does while surfing the net. To go as far as to behead your self is a very violent act, especially for a child of 15. I encourage parents to take action and be more attentive as to what their children are doing on the internet.