Geoffrey Owens On Why He’s Not Acting Anymore

Social media does it again. After Geoffrey Owens, who played Bill Cosby’s son-on-law Elvin, was mocked for working at a grocery store, people have come to his defense.

Stars such as Patricia Heaton was online asking why is this news? She goes on to ask why are people trying to humiliate an honorable actor in such a way.

Terry Cruz, from the show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was saying that after being in the NFL he was sweeping floors and that he would do it again.

Owens was on “Good Morning America” to speak on what is really going on in his life. Not too long after the airing of the show, Tyler Perry was on his Twitter account offering him a job. In his tweet, he says that he was soon going to be shooting OWN’s number one drama. Also, that he would be happy for him to join his team. He adds that he respects actors who hustle between gigs.

Geoffrey Owens On GMA

While on “Good Morning America” Owens explains to co-host Robin Roberts that he seeks out jobs that have flexibility. He goes on to say that the reason for not advertising where he works is because there is no shame in what he does. However, he didn’t want the acting community to think that he was no longer an actor. In recent years, he was on shows such as “Elementary,” “The Blacklist” and “Divorce” just to name a few.

Geoffrey Owens is a graduate of Yale who at points in his life, even taught acting at certain Ivy League schools. Now, he had to quit his job at Trader Joe’s due to the attention the company was receiving after a picture of him working there went viral.

However, due to people having his back online, it seems that he may not have to worry about not having a job any longer.