Detroit Tiger Broadcasters Fight After Game

Two Detroit Tigers TV broadcasters are out of work for the rest of 2018. Rod Allen and Mario Impemba, the presenters in question, got to a brawl with each other after Tuesday night’s game. Both were sent home and were absent for Wednesday’s game.

Though the two have different styles while broadcasting, it made for good TV. However, the tension between the two had been brewing for some time.

The announcement came out Friday from Fox Sports Detroit that Impemba and Allen were out for the rest of 2018.

As now, there is now news on whether both men are completely out of a job, or if Fox Detroit Sports will continue to pay them for the rest of the season. There was also no mention of who’s inline take broadcasters place. On Wednesday, Matt Shepard and Kirk Gibson were the ones calling the Tigers game.

Even though it’s up in the air when it comes tot he status of the two, it gives the network some time to come up with an idea on who to hire for the next season.

Two Detroit Tiger Broadcaster Fight Hours After Game Ends

What was the reason for the fight? Well, not too long after the fight it was announced that the brawl was over something minuscule.
The announcement came from reporters at WDIV.

Allegedly, there were a few times in the game where the two were not speaking. There were 43 seconds of silence while the Tigers were in the bottom of the sixth inning. That was the first sign that something was going on behind the scenes. Most speculate that it was because of a discrepancy about a chair. Here are a few questions people are asking: Did Impemba take the chair away from Allen? Was there something wrong with Allen’s chair? Or was the fight about something different entirely? Only time will tell.