Olivia Newton-John Stricken With Cancer

For the third time in her life, Olivia Newton-John is battling cancer. According to Newton-John and her doctors, there is a tumor at the base of the 69-year-old “Grease” star’s spine. In an interview, the actress says that it does make her sad at times to know that she is going through this again. However, she tries to remain strong as much as she can.

In 1992, the “Physical” singer was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the same week her father lost his life to cancer.
For nine months she had to endure chemotherapy as well as having a partial mastectomy.

In 2017, the star revealed that the cancer was back and in her lower back. However, after injuring her shoulder five years ago, doctors discovered cancer in her body.

Olivia Newton-John Battling Cancer For The Third Time

Due to her being so vocal about 1992 treatment, she chose not to disclose that she was going through it again.

However, during the round with cancer, the Austrailian actress and singer says that she is treating the ailment in a more natural way. She says that she is eating healthier, avoiding sugar an no radiation treatments.

As a means to deal with the pain, she is using cannabis oil. Her husband of 10 years, John Easterling, grows if for her.

According to Oliva Newton-John, he makes her tinctures that help with the pay. Also, she says that she is fortunate that she lives in a state where the plant is legal and that her husband is her medicine man. She goes on to say that she hopes the same laws will apply in Austrailia some day.

In the interview, she says that there are other people who are in a much worse condition than she is. She considers herself to be privileged when it comes to her health. For that reason alone, she says she has nothing to complain about.