Gold Coins Found During Construction In Italy

According to the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, around 300 gold coins that are 1,500 years old were found during construction at an abanded theatre in northern Italy.

The coins were inside of an amphora, a storage jar that the Romans used to use to transport liquids such as wine and oils. After the discovery of the golden coins, a team of archaeologists was able to excavate the coins. Afterward, they brought them to a lab in the city of Milan. Currently, the ministry is in the process of examing the gold coins.

For some time now, all throughout the ancient Mediterranean, people have been able to find coin hoards. Even so, a hoard of this amount is rare, and the ministry considers the find to be an extraordinary discovery.

Gold Coins Found In Italy May Shine Light On What Was Going On During Roman Empire

Many mysteries come with a find such as this. According to historical records, during the collapse of the Roman Empire, there were many wars going on in the country.

By the fifth century A.D., the Roman Empire became two empires. There was the Eastern Roman Empire, which is now Istanbul, and the Western Roman Empire, which is now Italy. In A.D. 410 Rome was being taken over by a group called the Goths. In A.D. 455 the country was again taken over by a group by the name of the Vandals. It was during A.D. 476 that the Western Roman Empire had come to an end, after the abdication of the last emperor, Romulus Augustulus.

Now, when it comes to this particular coin hoard, it is unclear if the burying of it had anything to do with the fall of the Roman Empire. However, current research may find the answers the archaeologist seek.