Hurricane Florence Causing Flight Cancellations

Airlines are currently in the midst of canceling hundreds of flights on the southeast coast of the US as Hurricane Florence makes it’s way to the coast.

So far, over 1,040 flights from Wednesday through Friday have been canceled. Today, according to FlightAware, a flight-tracking service, there were 245 cancelations.

FlightAware’s current tally is only through Friday. That means cancelations for the weekend could push to the total way over 1,110.

Almost all of the flight cancelations were from the Carolinas. Though the hurricane has made a shift, it is expected to make direct contact with both states.

Hurricane Florence Is Causing Airliners To Close Down In The Carolinas And Other States In Its Path Of Destruction

In both Carolina states, most if not all airports have reduced their Wednesday schedules. There will be no flights to and from the states on Thursday or Friday.

On Tuesday, Southwest Airlines chose to suspend its operations in the Carolinas, and their flights will resume on Saturday. The carrier says that they are grounding all of Thursday and Friday’s flights at Raleigh/Durham and Norfolk, Virginia, airports.

American Airlines, who operates at one of the busiest hubs in Charlotte had to cancel over 475 flight throughout the region until after Friday.

All of the big carriers are waiving rebooking fees for those in the area. Doing so allows for travelers in the area time to find seats on any of the flights left. Although not many are on the schedule. Or, they have the option to move their travel until after the storm passes, and they will not have to pay any fee.

Right now, the biggest question travelers are having is the track for Hurricane Florence. Though they expect the hurricane to hit the Carolina coast, it is not looking as though it is heading towards Georgia.