NRA Gives Cartoon A Racist Undertone

For an odd reason, the NRA has chosen to attack a children’s animated television show. Thee show in question is “Thomas & Friends.”

Dana Loesch, the television host of NRA TV, was on the association’s TV show, “Relentless” speaking at against the cartoon. The reason was for choosing to increase diversity awareness on the show. They did so with help from the UN.

In August, there were two new female characters introduced to viewers of the cartoon.  Yvonne Grundy, who voices the character who is from Kenya, had an was of African descent.

On the UN’s website, they say that chose to partner with the show as a means to teach about diversity. Also, in an effort to show them that boys and girls have the same opportunities to work together and better the planet.

NRA Turn Thomas & Friends Characters Into Ku Klux Klan Members

Loesch was not too happy with the introduction of the new characters. After slamming the show, she goes on to show the cast of the show wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods whole riding down flaming train tracks.

The host goes on to say that the additions to the are horrible. Also, that she didn’t know that the trains were white since the crew all have gray faces. She then says she doesn’t understand why they chose to paint an African pattern on the side of one character’s engine.

After the airing of the Image, the owner of the “Thomas The Tank Engine” brand, Mattel, came out with a statement. They say that they do associate themselves with any images that promote hate. They also denounce any use of their images in association with any messages that do not line up the company’s values.

The book series “Thomas The Tank Engine” was first a book series created by the Rev. W. Awdry. In 1984 it became a television series, and its American debut was on PBS in 1989.