FanDuel Cops Out On Paying Man

FanDuel, a New Jersey bookmaker is choosing not to honor a $110 bet on the Broncos that was made on Sunday. They would have had to pay over $82,000 due to an error on their part when it comes to the oddsmaking process.

A spokesperson for the company says that there was a pricing error on the wager by their in-game pricing system.

The bettor in question, Anthony Prince, places is bet at Meadowlands Racetrack on Sunday. He bet that tat the Denver Broncos would be trailing the Oakland Raiders 19-17 later in the fourth quarter.

Case Keenum was able to complete a pass down to the 18-yard line on Oakland’s side of the field. Doing so put the Broncos in a comfortable range to make a field goals. At the time. FanDuel was attempting to update the live betting odds. Denver was a -600 favorite. Unfortunately, the company says that there was an error in the live-odds feed. The mistake made it so that the Broncos were posted as 750-1(+75,000) to win.

FanDuel Choosing Not To Honor Win Over Denver Broncos

At that time, Prince went to the counter to be on the Broncos 750-1 odds. On his ticket, it said that he could potentially win $82,620. The corrects odds were at -600, meaning he could win $18.35.

Brandon McManus, a kicker for Denver, was able to kick the ball through the field goal with 10 seconds to play. Doing so gave the Broncos a 20-19 win. However, when Prince went to turn his ticket in, they said that he would not receive the 750-1 odds payout.

Instead, FanDuel was going to give close to $500 and tickets to three New York Giants games. Prince did not want their offer and is hiring an attorney to sue the company.