Opioid Addiction Now Hitting Vet Offices

People are going to extreme measures to get their drugs. Those suffering from opioid addiction are going as far as using their pets to get drugs. Some are going as far as injuring their animals just to get their fix.

One vet in Branford says that a part owner was wanting their dog’s re-fills to quickly. During different shifts, he would go to the animal hospital to try and see if a different vet might prescribe his dog the drug.

Jennifer Shortt, who works at Mill Pond Veterinary hospital says that she never thought people would do that at the hospital where she works. Fortunately, they were able to spread the word, and at other local veterinarian offices, the man has been flagged.

She goes on to say that it is wrong for people to use their dogs as a way to feed their opioid addiction. Also, that people are willing to go as far as harming their animals is asinine.

Opioid Addiction Has People Reaching New Lows

However, veterinarians in the area in the process of trying to have his pet removed from him.

Mill Pond Veterinary Hospital is doing what they can to raise awareness about abusing animals for their drugs.

On their website is a post about the incident. Also, they were able to share about another event in Kentucky. According to authorities in the area, a woman called in about her husband using a razor to injure their retriever as a way to get painkillers.

Some people will break their pets legs just to receive their pain meds. Then, they will refuse treatment to the leg.

One cat owner, Marla Berrios, says she doesn’t understand why people are doing these awful things to their animals.

Mill Pond Veterinary hospital will continue to flag cases of early refill requests. Also, they are offering non-opiate drugs and communicating with other vet offices often.