Kenan Thompson To Appear In His Own Show

Kenan Thompson is heading into his 16th season on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. However, the comedic actor is looking for more of a primetime spot. He will be staring in a single-camera comedy called “Saving Larry” that will air on the same station.

Though Thompson can see himself being of the SNL family forever, if his show happens to take off, he may have to leave.

The show, written by Superstore executive producer Jackie Clarke, is about a dad whose wife passes and he has to play the role of mother and father for his children. He does so with his father-in-law being a part of the mix.

Last year, Thompson became the cast member with the longest tenure on the show. He first began making appearances on the show in 2003 as the youngest actor on the sketch comedy show. Thompson was able to snag his first acting Emmy nomination for his work on the show.

Kenan Thompson Bags Own Show On NBC

Saving Larry will be the first time Thompson has been a part of a comedy series since his days on Nickelodeon’s All that, and the Kenan & Kel show.

Lorne Michaels, who will be co-producing the show is the man when it comes to taking fellow actors on SNL and bringing them to be primetime. He has been the executive producer for a plethora of comedy shows. They include Emmy-winning 30 Rock, Up All Night and A.P. Bio. A.P. Bio. is getting ready to head into its second season.

SNL was able to break its own record by winning the most Primetime Emmy wins this year. They were able to add eight more statuettes to record. This year, they were also able to win for Variety sketch series.

Clarke, who was a performer with the UCB Theatre in Los Angles, has been with NBC/Uni TV’s Superstore since it first began. She also has series writing credits for NBC’s undatable and ABC’s Happy Endings.