Six Flags To Host 30-Hour Coffin Challenge

Six Flags is known for hosting their Fright Fest every year. It’s when the theme park takes on a Halloween glow, and people can celebrate the spookiness of the holiday. However, one Six Flags in St. Louis is adding there own spin to Fright Fest. They will all people to spend 30 hours in a coffin.

The contest is the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge. According to a release from the company, the park is utilizing the challenge as a way to celebrate 30 Years of Screams. They will select six people that will spend 30 hours lying in a coffin. The contest begins Oct. 13 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Oct 14.

Six Flags in St. Louis Will Be Hosting A 30-Hour Coffin Challenge

The people that the park picks will be able to bring a friend with them during the operating hours of Fright Fest. However, they’ll have to be at the park by themselves when the park closes. There will be an employee watching over the contestants. When it comes to bathroom breaks, they can “use it” six minutes before every hour. Contestants will be disqualified if they leave the coffin for any other reason.

However, people aren’t going to be the coffin just for giggles. The person who can stay in the coffin the longest will win $300. Also, they will win two 2019 Gold Season Passes to the park. But wait, there’s more: A Fright Fest Prize packages that include two VIP passes to a Haunted house, and a ticket for two people ride on the Freak Train for Freaks Unleashed. They will also get to keep the coffin!

Now, if two or more people are still in their coffin after the 30 hours are up, they will be a part of a drawing for the $300. Those remaining in the coffin will, however, receive the other prizes.