Will Smith Turns 50 Today!

Today, Will Smith, also known as the Fresh Prince turned 50 years old. What better way to bring his birthday than to do something crazy right? The rapper turned movie mogul chose to bring in his birthday to by jumping from a helicopter, successfully, near the Grand Canyon. On social media months ago, he announced that he was going to do something big to usher in year 50, but who knew he would go this far?

The stunt was live streamed on YouTube. Cameras were able to capture as the actor was hooked up to a harness and bungee cords. While swing, Will says that it was some beautiful stuff to see. He says that the experience went from pure terror to absolute bliss.

The who scene was like something from a reality TV show. Cameras were able to pick up on Will Smith, his wife Jada Pinket Smith, and three children. Family and friends were there to greet them on a platform. Alfonso Ribeiro, a co-star of his from the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was there to host interviews with Will and others.

Will Smith Brings In Birthday In a Fantastic Way

The name of the stunt was a leap in the heart of the Grand Canyon. However, the jump was actually outside the Grand Canyon National Park in the Navajo Nation. The tribe’s reservation is on the borders of the east rim of the national park.
Interestingly enough, a Navajo medicine man gave the actor a blessing and let him know that his people were thankful for him and his family coming to their land.

According to Will, the jump was a challenge from Yes Theory. Yes Theory is a channel on YouTube. They make videos of people doing activities that push them outside of their comfort zones. He was also able to raise money for charity for his jump.